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The significance of having the Faculty of Veterinary Technology

            1. The government action on Thailand to be the Cuisine of the World

            2. The policy to increase exporting of Thai agriculture products especially animal goods

            3. The promotion of animal interested to people in the business of commercial animals and  pets as well as increasing in the number of those

            4. The problem of animal health in emerging and reemerging infectious disease that continues to grow with higher effect

            5. People attention on their health with consuming healthy food

            6. The WTO (World Trade Organization) policy on having the application of sanitary and phyto-sanitary measuring

            The increasing of animal products obstruction and the custom obstructions and using the regulation of goods standard as a trade limiting to the obstructionIn responding to the government policy of increasing the exporting of the agricultural, the protecting and the warning of animal disease through the controlling of food sanitary have to depend on at lease two things which are

            - The ability to give good health to animals 

            - The ability of sanitize food products from contaminates and residues

            To conduct those, the strategy of producing full skilled technologist and having standard analytical, diagnostic laboratory has been planed and followed. The Faculty of Veterinary Technology has been established with potential to unravel the problem found in animal products and health.