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Historical Background

            Prior to the year 1992, there were four other organizations within Kasetsart University (KU), which has a mandate concerning animal production research and development, i.e. National Swine Research and Training Center, Buffalo and Beef Production R&D Center, Kamphaeng Saen Research Station, and Tabkwang Research Station.  These organizations were under the supervision of Kasetsart University R&D Institute (KURDI).

            Due to over-expansion of the responsibility of KURDI later on, restructuring of som subsidiary units of KURDI was undertaken in order to enhance its efficiency.  Thereby, a project on Animal R&D Institute had been organized and was named after the late Luang Suwanvajokkasikit, who has been respected and regarded as the father of animal husbandry of KU, that is Suwanvajokkasikit Animal R&D Institute (SARDI) in 1992 during the Seventh National Economics and Social Development Plan.

            Simultaneously, five more specialized centers involving in animal research and development, i.e. dairy, poultry, small ruminant, animal nutrition and meat science, have been formed in order to fulfil the mandate of SARDI.  All these animal Centers and Stations were transferred to be under the supervision of SARDI since then in order to unify and strengthen the capacity of KU in livestock research and development in response to the needs of the country.  In 2001, SARDI became the official institute of KU.  

Currently, SARDI is composed of the work units shown in Diagram.

1.      National Swine Research and Training Center (NSRTC)

2.      Buffalo and Beef Production Research and Development Center (BPRADEC)

3.      Dairy Research and Development Center (DRADEC)

4.      Poultry Production Research and Development Center (PRADEC)

5.      Small Ruminant Research and Development Center (SRURDEC)

6.      Animal Nutrition Research and Development Center (ANRDEC)

7.      Animal Produce Research and Development Center (APRADEC)

8.      Tabkwang Research Station

9.   SARDI Administrative Office

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