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SARDI is the organization which aims at seeking, improving and creating knowledge to technically, ethically and morally enhance an intellect in livestock production and products and leading farmers and industrial livestock sector for nationally sustainable and stable production.


SARDI is the institute of excellence in research and development for technical knowledge on livestock productiom and products in the tropics.


1. To seek livestock knowledge through R&D for improving farmers' productivity and the cost of production in order ro enhance their competitiveness and living.
2. To give technical services and technology transfers to stakeholders in livestock sector nationally and internationally for the improvement of livestock production.
3. To build the capacity of personnel to be variedly knowledgeable.
4. To support students in learning and teaching, research and training progams.
5. To foster Thai cultures and traditions.


Two major policies of SARDI are :
1. To enhance efficiency in livestock production and products without destroying the environment, while conserving resources.
2. To solve problems on livestock production in short and long terms.


To be in line with the vision and the policy of SARDI, four objectives are set as the following.
1. To produce quality research to solve the problems and improve livestock production and products.
2. To give technical and information services on livestock production and products to stakeholders.
3. To give an academic support in animal science to produce qualified undergraduates and graduates as well as personnel to communities.
4. To conserve and make use of Thai native livestock and indigenous knowledge.

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