Curriculum: Undergraduate


 The Faculty of Social Sciences offers seven undergraduate programs (4 Years) as the following

      1. Bachelor of Science (Psychology) : B.S.(Psychology) 4 Majors
             - Devolopemental Psychology
             - Clinical Psychology
             - Community Psychology
             - Industrail and Organization Psychology
      2. Bachelor of Laws : LL.B.
      3. Bachelor of Arts (History) : B.A. (History)
      4. Bachelor of Arts (Southeast Asian Studies) : B.A. (Southeast Asian Studies)
      5. Bachelor of Science (Geography)) : B.S.(Geography)
      6. Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) : B.A. (Political Science) 4 Majors
             - Goverment
             - International Relation
             - Public Administration
             - Criminal Justice and Safty

      7. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Anthropology) : B.A. (Sociology and Anthropology)

   Admission into Kasetsart University is mainly under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education
(Office of the Higher Education Commission). A nationwide entrance examination foe all applicants who are high school graduates is conducted twich a year. Kasetsart university also arranges its own entrance examination to admit a quota of students residing in the twenty five provinces of the central region of the country.



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