About Us Administrators
Mr. Manitpol Urabannualchat

Mr.Thawan Nieamsup
Deputy Dean for Policy and Planning
Mrs. Nitaya Ngerprasertsri
Deputy Dean for Policy and Planning
Miss Silikorn Kanjanasuntorn 
 Deputy Dean for

Miss Sowatree nathalang
Deputy Dean for Research
and Academic Service
Miss Thipthinna Smuthranond 
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Mrs. Matrini Ruktanonchai
Deputy Dean for Foreign Relations and Special Affairs

Mrs. Orasa Suksawang
Deputy Dean for Technology Information
Wg.Cdr. Ngamlamai Piolueang
Deputy Dean for Student Affairs
Mrs. Prongkes Chalermwong
Faculty Secretary

Miss nattavee bunnak
Secretary of the Faculty Executive Board
Head of Department 

Miss Tippavan Surinya
Head of Demartment of Psychology
Mr. Setthabut Ittithumwinit
Head of Demartment of Law
Mrs. Ponpirom Chiengul
Head of Demartment of History

Miss Puntip Jongkroy
Head of Demartment of Geography
Mr. Wanlop Lumpai
Head of Demartment of Political Science and
Public Adminnistration
Mr. Suraphan Bejrapha
Head of Demartment of Sociology
and Anthropology

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