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The Department of Chemistry is one of the leading academic and scientific departments in Thailand. The department was founded in 1966, initially with only an undergraduate programs. Graduate studies were established with a master program in 1981 and a doctoral program in 1998. The department instills its students with a solid foundation in the science of chemistry and actively encourages them to extend their studies into other disciplines and fields of science. The faculty members are involved in frontier research concerning modern organic synthesis, chemistry of natural products, development of computational methodologies and applications of quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics and dynamics methods to materials science and biological system, physical chemistry of nanostructured materials, analytical method development, chemistry of gem identification, polymer and petroleum chemistry. The center of nanotechnology has been recently established and is centered at the department. It is sponsored by NSTDA as a Center of Excellence in nanotechnology.

Currently, the department is made up to 51 full-time faculty members and 23 supporting staff. All current academic staff have active research programs and publish their findings in a timely manner and have funding supports from Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute (KURDI), the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), National Research Council of Thailand, National Science and Technology Development Agency, the Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. program, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, industries, and other sources. In addiction to its full-time faculty members, the department is also home to several adjunct professors, and post-doctoral fellows. As a reflection of the outstanding research and development being carried out in the department, many of the faculty members have received numerous awards and other distinctions, including the Thailand’s Outstanding Scientist Awards, Distinguished Researcher of Thailand Awards in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences from the National Research Council of Thailand, Promising young Scientist Research Award from the Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Technology, TRF Senior Research Scholar from the Thailand Research Foundation, Humboldt Research Scholar from the Alexander von Humblot Foundation, TWAS for Young Scientist in Thailand, L’Oreal for Women in Science and others.

There are currently about 240 undergraduate students enrolled in the department, with an additional 160 graduate students. In addiction to their regular course-work, undergraduates are actively encouraged to carry out research activities with a faculty members. Local and international workshops, seminars, and extensive research collaborations provide good opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students alike to present their research work, enrich their education, and keep abreast of developments in various fields of chemistry. Most of our undergraduates continue on undertaking graduate work in an array of fields of interest after completion of their undergraduate program. Graduates of our graduate program, many can be found as faculty members in other renowned universities and colleges as well as in industry where they occupy of important positions.

The key features of our present success and of our future strategy are:

the development of fundamental understanding, with the emphasis on new structural, synthetic, analytical and theoretical techniques applicable in both academic and industrial contexts;
precruitment of the highest quality academic staff and the best PhD students, encouraging all to develop independent research groups with the freedom to associate with other groups;
the pursuit of interdisciplinary collaborations, with others departments in the University, and with external industrial and academic institutions;
Since 2000, in order to meet this goal, the department has been supported by the postgraduate education and research in chemistry and in petroleum and petrochemical technology initiated by the ministry of education for modernizing and extending its research laboratories.

Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry),  B.S. (Chemistry)

Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry),  B.S. (Industrial Chemistry)

Master Degree

Master of Science (Chemistry), M.S. (Chemistry)

Doctoral Degree

Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Kanjanapisek Program, Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry)

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