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Administrative Department

Administrative Department

         Administrative Department provides documentary services, receive and deliver the document, support and coordinate with students clubs or outer organization to make the flow of work

Administrative Department can be divided to 7 affairs

  1. Administration Affair
  2. Financial Affair 
  3. Plan and Budget Affair
  4. Depot Affair
  5. Public Relation Affair
  6. Quality Assurance Affair7.       Information Technology Database Affair 1.       Administration AffairFunctions: Dealing with all bumfs (both internal and external), arranging the meeting or training, and personnel administration2.       Financial AffairFunctions:  Financial control, Reporting account, Providing facilities for students3.       Plan and Budget AffairFunction: Budgetary plan4.       Depot AffairFunction: Parcel and material procurement5.       Public Relation AffairFunction: Information Broadcast, guest reception6.       Quality Assurance AffairFunction: Organizing quality system correspond with the policy of university7.       Information Technology Database AffairFunction: Technology supervision, developing technology, collecting information to make database, doing homepage of Student Affair Division


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