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 Kasetsart University Council Announcement

Subject: Undergraduate Study Regulations of Kasetsart University

B.E. 2548 (A.D. 2005)


            For effective implementation of the undergraduate study, Kasetsart University Council, under the provision specified in Article 16, Kasetsart University Act B.E. 2541 and the approval of  Kasetsart University Council in its 1/2548 Meeting on 17th January B.E. 2548,  the following Regulations are promulgated:


            Section 1 These Regulations are entitled, “The Undergraduate Study Regulations, Kasetsart University B.E. 2548”.


            Section 2 These Regulations shall come into operation as from the first semester of B.E. 2548 (A.D. 2005).


            Section 3 These Regulations shall supersede the following Regulations:


                        The Kasetsart University Council Announcement, Subject: Undergraduate Study Regulations B.E. 2521(A.D. 1978) issued on May 29th, 1978, and its Annexes.


            Section 4 In these Regulations,


                        University means Kasetsart University

                        President means President of Kasetsart University

                        Dean means Dean of the students’ home faculty

                        Students means Kasetsart University Students

                        Student Registrar means the office responsible for the campus’s registration procedures


Section 5 The President shall monitor that these Regulations are observed.



CHAPTER I: Admission of Students and Educational System



Section 6 Admission of Students


            Schedules and procedures of admission shall be in accordance with the University Announcement in a particular Academic Year.


Section 7 Applicant’s qualification


            The applicant shall:


            7.1 hold a high school certificate or a certificate of equivalency;


            7.2 never be convicted for crimes other than by offences related to negligence or petty offences;


            7.3 never be a person of misconduct;


            7.4 be of sound mind and not suffer from contagious diseases or diseases sanctioned by the general public;


            7.5 never be removed from an education institute due to disciplinary related misconducts.


Section 8 Educational System


            8.1 An academic year is divided into 2 semesters, the first and the second semesters after which a summer session may follow.  Each semester lasts no less than 15 weeks while a summer session lasts 6 weeks; however, the credit hours of each subject must be equal to those offered during regular semesters.  

            Organizing a semester or a session differently requires approval from a Deans Meeting. 


                        8.2 The education system follows credit hour system.  One credit hour is equal to 1 hour of lecture a week during a regular semester or 2-3 hours a week of practice during a regular semester. 


                        8.3 Teaching, lecturing or practicing shall last 50 minutes during a one hour period.


Section 9 Registration


                        9.1 Registration procedures shall be in accordance with the University’s stipulation for each semester.


                        9.2 Registration requires approval of an Academic Advisor in accordance with the stipulations of the curriculum and the host faculty of the students.


                        9.3 To enroll in a regular semester, the student shall register for no less than 9 credits but not exceeding 22 credits but during a summer session, not exceeding 7 credits unless otherwise stipulated in the curriculum; in which case, it shall be as stipulated.  If it is the last semester for a graduating student and the remaining credits are less than 9, approval of the Academic Advisor is required. 

                        In the case where it is necessary for a student to register for a different total of credits, approval by the Dean is required.


                        9.4 During a regular semester, late registration is allowed within two weeks after the deadline set by the University but during summer sessions, such late registration shall be in accordance with the University’s Announcement.  After the late registration’s deadline, an approval by the Dean is required.

                        9.5 Students shall personally review his or her status before each registration.  Any student owing any payments to the University or violating a University’s Regulation or condition shall have no right to register. 


                        9.6 Students without registration right who already registered and paid for the tuition and fee shall have no right to claim such payments.


                        9.7 Any subject for which fewer than 6 students registered may be cancelled by the host Faculty Dean and the paid credit fees shall be reimbursed to the students unless such subject is paid as part of a package plan then there will not be any additional payment to pay for or be reimbursed.


                        9.8 Classifying of Students shall be based on the following criteria:


                                    9.8.1 Students who passed exams for 1-34 credits shall be classified as 1st year student

                                    9.8.2 Students who passed exams for more than 35 credits shall be classified as 2nd year student     

                                    9.8.3 Students who passed exams for more than 69 credits shall be classified as 3rd year student

                                    9.8.4 Students who passed exams for more than 103 credits shall be classified as 4th year student

                                    9.8.5 Students who passed exams for more than 137 credits shall be classified as 5th year student

                                    9.8.6 Students who passed exams for more than 171 credits shall be classified as 6th year student


            Section 10 Adding, dropping, withdrawing and taking a subject with a pre-requisite


                        10.1 Requesting for adding, dropping or changing subjects requires consent of the Advisor and may be done within the first 2 weeks of regular semesters but for summer sessions, it shall be in accordance with the Summer Session Regulations.


                        10.2 Withdrawing some subjects can be done within 30 days from the day the regular semester begins to avoid getting W (withdrawn) recorded on transcripts, as it will be if done after 30 days.  However, W will not be recorded for summer sessions.


                        10.3 Student has the right to drop a particular subject within 60 days from the date the semester begins or within the time period stated in the Academic Calendar for each Academic Year; however, the number of the remaining registered credits must be no less than 9 credits.  If it is necessary to drop a subject after 60 days from the date the semester begins and the remaining credits becomes less than 9, an approval by the Dean is required and the procedure has to be completed before the final examination of that particular semester.


                        10.4 Normally, changing a registered subject requires additional registration fee.  However, if the Student paid his fees in a package plan and after changing the subject, the new total cost becomes greater than the paid fees, there shall be no additional payment and no money can be claimed if a subject is dropped.


                        10.5 Registering for a subject with pre-requisites shall be in accordance with the following criteria:


                                    10.5.1 Registering for any subject with a pre-requisite, the student must pass the exam for such pre-requisite or the registered course shall become invalid.  In order to apply for its validity requires consent from the Vice President for Academic Affairs before the registration and the applicant must be a last year student to graduate in that particular academic year. 


                                    10.5.2 With consent of an academic advisor, a student may register for a subsequent subject in the same semester as the pre-requisite subject that he had failed (F).  The result of such subsequent subject shall not be deemed invalid whether he passes or fails the pre-requisite subject; however, both results of the subsequent and the pre-requisite subjects shall be calculated for his grade point average (GPA) as usual.


                                    10.5.3 If a student drops a pre-requisite which is registered at the same time as the subsequent subject, he must also drop the subsequent subject otherwise such registered subsequent subject shall be deemed invalid unless the Dean’s consent is obtained.



CHAPTER II: Tuition and Fees



            Section 11 Tuition, Fees and Payments 


                        11.1 Tuition and Fees shall be in accordance with the University Announcement as approved by the Deans’ meeting.


                        11.2 Students shall pay for the tuition and fees pursuant to the methods, procedures and on the dates specified by the University.  Postponing tuition and fee payments may be authorized by the Dean and such postponement cannot be longer than 1 semester.  Waiving such payments shall be under the discretion of the President.


11.3 Student has the right to waive of tuition and fees as announced by the University.



CHAPTER III: Academic Regulations



            Section 12 Studying and Examination Regulations


                        12.1 Studying regulation


                                    12.1.1 Students shall register to study continuously in every regular semester.  Taking a leave of absence shall be in accordance with the Regulations for Leave of Absence.


                                    12.1.2 Students shall maintain no less than 80 per cent of attendance time required for the subject to have the right to take the examination unless consent of his instructor is obtained.


                        12.2 Types of Enrollment


                                    12.2.1 Enrolling to study in a class for Credit (C) is registering for a subject in a curriculum to have the result reported as detailed in Section 13.2.1 to be computed for GPA.  


                                    12.2.2 Enrolling to study in a class for Audit (A) is registering to enrich your knowledge.  The result will be recorded as S or U whose credit is not included in the curriculum and re-taking of the subject is not required even though its result is U.  Evaluation for students enrolling to audit depends on the instructor’s consideration.


                        12.3 Examination regulations


                                    12.3.1 There are 3 types of examination: a quiz, a mid-term exam and a final exam.


                                    12.3.2 Specifying the number and method of exams shall be under the consideration of the instructor.


                                    12.3.3 Examination regulations shall be in accordance with the University Announcement.


                                    12.3.4 Students with a valid reason to miss an examination on the designated date can, within 7 days of that date, arrange with the instructor of the subject to take the examination within 30 days or it shall be deemed that he is a no-show.  If necessary, the instructor, however, may consider allowing the student to take the examination after 30 days.


                                    12.3.5 Students who cheat in the examination shall fail the subject (get F) and suffer a disciplinary punishment.  The instructor has the right not to allow the student to withdraw the course.


            Section 13 Study Results


                        13.1 Education result reflects the learning ability of the student which can be measured from written tests or practices and/ or other performances assigned by the instructor to be evaluated as a grade.  The report of study results shall show both the grade and the score.


                        13.2 The Grades shall be equal to the following grade points:


                                    13.2.1 Grades with grade points:

                                                Grade  A         equals to grade point 4.0

                                                Grade  B+       equals to grade point 3.5

                                                Grade  B         equals to grade point 3.0

                                                Grade  C+       equals to grade point 2.5

                                                Grade  C         equals to grade point 2.0

                                                Grade  D+       equals to grade point 1.5

                                                Grade  D         equals to grade point 1.0

                                                Grade  F          equals to grade point 0


13.2.2    Grades without grade points

            I          Incomplete

            S          Satisfactory

            U         Unsatisfactory

            N         Grade not reported

            P          Passed

            NP       Not Passed


                        S and U shall be recorded for courses registered for AUDIT.


                        N shall be used by the Registrar in the case where the result is not reported.


                        P shall be used for subjects that the credit hours are not computed as part of the GPA or the workshops without credit hours or the subjects transferred as equivalencies from other institutes.


                        I shall be used only in the case where the students have not completed some assignments in a subject but the results of other assignments throughout the semester satisfy the instructor.


      13.3 Other grades bear the following meanings:

                  A         =          excellent

                  B+       =          very good

                  B         =          good

                  C+       =          above average

                  C         =          average

                  D+       =          below average

                  D         =          poor

                  F          =          fail


13.4    Amending the “I” grade may be done before the end of the following semester otherwise the students shall automatically get the failing grade (F).  Altering the result requires the consent of the instructor and the Faculty Dean.

13.5     Computing the Grade Point Average (GPA)


13.5.1 Students’ GPA shall be computed from every course registered by the students notwithstanding if they pass or fail them.


13.5.2 The grade point average of students who transfer to another major, program or faculty shall be calculated from all of the grades obtained from subjects taken under the major at the time of admission whether they are recognized as equivalencies or not.  Subjects that are not under such major shall not be included in the computation.


13.5.3 The grade point average of Transferred Students and    Students who hold a Diploma or an equivalent certificate shall be calculated from the grades obtained from the new subjects.


13.5.4 The computation of grade point average to determine the student’s status as detailed in 25.4.10 and 25.4.11 shall be done twice a year, at the ends of the first and the last semesters.  The summer sessions results shall be included in the first semester of the following year unless the students graduate at the end of a summer session.


13.6      The Department and the Faculty shall withhold the announcement or copy of the study results should the students owe any payments to the Department or the Faculty.


                        13.7 The University shall withhold the issuance of transcripts and certificates to students if the University is aware that the students owe any payments inside or outside the University even though the study results were already announced.


            Section 14 The summer session study shall be in accordance with the University Announcement for the Summer session.


Section 15 Internship


                        15.1 Students shall intern as stated in the curriculum.  If a student does not complete his internship, it shall be deemed as not meeting the requirements of the Faculty’s curriculum.      


                        15.2 During the internship, the student shall behave and work in accordance with the disciplinary regulations.  Should they be violated, the Advisor, who is the instructor or an outsider, may consider sending him back and the internship shall be deemed incomplete.


            Section 16 Transferring to another Faculty or changing major subject


                        16.1 Regulations on Transferring to another Faculty


                                    16.1.1 Individuals whose student status is terminated have no right to transfer to another Faculty.


                                    16.1.2 Transferring to another Faculty is possible with consents of a guardian, an advisor, the original Dean and the Faculty Committee to which the students are transferring.


                                    16.1.3 Students shall apply for transferring to another Faculty when he has studied in the current program in the original Faculty for no less than two regular semesters.


                                    16.1.4 Students wishing to transfer to another Faculty shall have at least four regular semesters to study in the new Faculty to which they transfer before graduating in order to be eligible for a diploma or a certificate except the students transfer to a new program within the same Faculty without changing major subject or the students return to the same Faculty after transferring to another Faculty without changing major subject.


                                    16.1.5 Transferring to a new curriculum within the Faculty is possible with consent of the Department Head and approved by the Dean.


16.2     Regulations on changing major subject within the Faculty


16.2.1    Changing major subject is possible with consent of the original Department Head and the new Department Head as well as the Faculty Committee.


16.2.2    Students changing major subject must have no less than two regular semesters to study in the new major subject before graduation in order to be eligible for a diploma or a certificate.


            Section 17 Transfer Admission


                        17.1 The University shall consider admitting transferred Students who possess the following qualifications:


                                    17.1.1 All qualifications listed in Item 7


                                     17.1.2 Students in institutes approved by the University


                                     17.1.3 Pass at least all subjects listed in the first year curriculum of the original institute


                                     17.1.4 Obtain the GPA of no less than 2.50 or equivalent in the most recent semester before the transfer


                        17.2 Admitting transfers shall be under the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty to which the students transfer and with consent of the Faculty Committee


                         17.3 Transferred Students shall have no less than four regular semesters to study in the University but not exceeding twice the regular semesters needed to obtain all the rest of the credit hours otherwise their Student status becomes invalid.  For this purpose, eighteen credit hours shall be deemed as equal to one regular semester and the excess over nine credit hours shall be deemed as one regular semester.


            Section 18 Admission for Continuing the Study


                        18.1 The University shall consider only a holder of at least a certificate or equivalent from the institutes approved by the University; and the individual shall possess all the qualifications listed in Section 7.


                         18.2  Admission of other cases shall be in compliance with the regulations detailed in Section 17, except what listed in Section 17.3.


                         18.3 Studying period in the University shall not exceed twice the time of the regular semesters required to obtain all the credit hours.  Converting the number of credits to the number of regular semesters may be done by applying the regulations detailed in Section 17.3.


            Section 19 Equivalencies Criteria   


                        19.1 New students admitted through entrance examinations shall have no right to apply for subjects equivalencies recognition unless he was a Kasetsart University Student whose status was withdrawn due to low accumulating GPA that is less than 1.5 or lower than 1.75 twice in a row or he was a student in a program that stated such equivalencies recognition is possible.


                        19.2 Equivalencies recognition for students who transferred to another Faculty or curriculum or change major subject is possible only for the subjects listed in the curriculum of the host Faculty that admitted the students.  In the case that the subject is deemed by the Faculty or Department as a special major subject, the ones obtaining grade C or 2.00 upward shall be recognized for equivalencies.


                        19.3 Students admitted as transfers from other institutes shall apply the following criteria for subject equivalencies recognition:


                                     19.3.1 the subject is comparable to the subject in the curriculum of the Faculty they are admitted;


                                    19.3.2 obtained grade C or 2.00 upward;


                                    19.3.3 recognized as equivalencies for not exceeding half of the total credits in the curriculum of the Faculty they are admitted.


                        19.4 The students selected by the University to continue studying pursuant to the policies or agreements have the right to apply for subject equivalencies recognition as detailed in Section 19.3 or 19.6 depending on the qualification.

                        19.5 Subject equivalencies recognition shall be under the discretion of the host Department of the subjects and approved by the Dean.


                        19.6 Subject equivalencies for students holding a certificate or equivalence


                                    19.6.1 The subjects are listed in the curriculum of the Faculty that admits them;

                                    19.6.2 The subjects can be recognized as equivalencies for no more than two third of the total credits on the curriculum of the Faculty that admit them.


19.7    Recognition of subject equivalencies as a group of subjects, transfer of experiences equivalencies, transfer from non-formal educational institutes and personal preference educational system shall be in accordance with the University’s Announcement.


19.8    Students have the right to apply for subject equivalencies recognition to be exempted from taking the subject by filing the petition with the Dean and submit the evidence of petition to the Registrar within the first regular semester the students transfer to another Faculty, change major subject or is admitted to study or is transferred from another institute otherwise such right shall be forfeited.  In the case where it is absolutely not possible to complete the procedures by the stipulated time period, the Dean’s approval is required.


            Section 20 Studying to amend the accumulated GPA:


                        20.1 Retaking a subject to amend the accumulated GPA is possible if the grade obtained for such subject was lower than 2.00.  For other subjects, the Dean’s consent is required.


                         20.2 The GPA calculation shall include the original scores and the new scores obtained for the re-taken subjects.


                         20.3 During each semester, a student may register to re-take a subject along with other subjects worth no less than 9 credit hours, except when the student already fulfilled the Bachelor’s degree requirement but his GPA is lower than the criteria, he may re-take some subjects to increase his GPA.


                         20.4 Retaking every subject requires consent of his advisor.


            Section 21 Cross Registration


                         21.1 Students may register to audit courses at other institutes during a semester to enrich their knowledge.


                         21.2 Students who wish to cross-register to earn credits for his curriculum must meet one of the following conditions:


                                     21.2.1 He must be a Student in the program whose curriculum organizes co-teaching arrangements between institutes and consent of the host Faculty of the curriculum is required.


                                     21.2.2 He must be the last year graduating student but the subject he needs to take is not offered during that particular semester.


                                     21.2.3 The subject registered at another institute must be equivalent to the subject listed on the University’s curriculum.  Equivalencies shall be determined by the host Department and Faculty of the subject, based on the content and the credit hours.  Cross registration requires the Dean’s approval.


                        21.3 The academic results obtained from other institutes may be recorded as P or NP and shall not be calculated for GPA unless it is the course in the curriculum co-offered by the University and that specific institute then the result may be recorded as specified in Section 13.2.1 and calculated for GPA.


                        21.4 To circumvent the conditions laid out in Section 21.2 requires the Dean’s consent and approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


            Section 22 Medical or Personal leaves of absence


                        22.1 Medical or other leaves of absence not exceeding 15 days may be approved by the Advisor, otherwise consent of the Department Head and the Dean’s approval are required.


                        22.2 With the approved leave of absence, the student has the right to adjust the time he takes examinations, study time calculation and other rights regarding studying and examinations affected by such leave.


            Section 23 Academic leaves of absence


                        23.1 A student may submit a petition to take a leave of absence and obtain the Dean’s approval for one of the following reasons:


                                     23.1.1 Recruited to serve in the Army;


                                     23.1.2 Granted an International Exchange Student scholarship or a scholarship that the University deemed appropriate to support;


                                     23.1.3 His ability to study well is affected by an accident, peril or sickness.


                        23.2 When it is reasonable, other leaves of absence besides what listed in Item 23.1, may be granted by the Dean.


                        23.3 Academic leave of absence may not be taken longer than 2 consecutive semesters at one time.  If longer absence is necessary, a new petition must be submitted.  All leaves of absence require consent of the student’s guardian.

                        23.4 A student whose leave of absence is approved shall pay the registration fee to maintain his student status.


            Section 24 Withdrawal from University


                        Withdrawal from University is possible with consent of a student’s guardian and approval of the Dean.



CHAPTER IV: Student Status



            Section 25 Student Status


                        25.1 A person who abides by the University’s Undergraduate Regulations is defined as maintaining student status.  The classification of students’ classes and years are detailed in Section 9.8.


                        25.2 Regular: Students who pass examinations with GPA of no less than 2.00.


                        25.3 Probation: Students who pass examinations with GPA below 2.00.


                        25.4 Student Status shall be terminated when the student:


                                     25.4.1 passed away;


                                    25.4.2 self-withdraws from the University;


                                     25.4.3 lacks a qualification listed in Section 7;


                                     25.4.4 enrolls in another government university unless it is an open university;


                                     25.4.5 is already granted a certificate or a diploma from Kasetsart University unless the Dean’s approval is obtained for continuing the study;


                                     25.4.6 does not complete the registration procedures within three weeks as from the date the semester starts unless the Dean’s approval is obtained for the delay;


                                    25.4.7 does not register or pay tuition fee to maintain his student Status within three weeks as from the date the semester starts unless the Dean’s approval is obtained for the delay;


                                     25.4.8 takes a leave of absence without permission as stipulated in these Regulations;


                                    25.4.9 maintains his student Status twice the time required to graduate as published in the curriculum or does not earn all credits required to graduate within twice the number of regular semesters required in the curriculum.    To convert semester credits to regular semesters, apply the criteria laid out in Section 17.3.  The total number of semesters is calculated by adding all the enrolled semesters to the ones taken for leaves of absence;


                                     25.4.10 acquires lower GPA than 1.50, unless they are new students studying in their first semester;


                                     25.4.11 acquires lower GPA than 1.75 two semesters consecutively, not counting the first semester for the new students;


                                     25.4.12 faces disciplinary dismissal or expulsion; 


                        25.4.13 faces final ruling by a judge to be imprisoned except for crimes of misdemeanor or negligence.


            25.5 A student shall carry a Student ID card as a proof when exercising his rights to activities in the University.



CHAPTER V: Nomination for Diploma and

Awards for Academic Distinction



Section 26 Application and Approval for a Diploma or a Certificate


            26.1 Students holding the right to apply for a diploma must study all the subjects stipulated in the curriculum and specified by the Department and Faculty with a combined GPA throughout the entire curriculum of no less than 2.00 and spend no less than 6 regular semesters studying in the University for a 4-year curriculum or no less than 8 regular semesters for a 5-year curriculum and no less than 10 regular semesters for a 6-year curriculum except those who obtained subject equivalencies recognition.


            26.2 Students must pass all subjects enrolled to study to be eligible for a diploma.  If failed (obtaining F) in the subjects that are free electives, consent of the Advisor, the Head of Department and the Dean are required to choose other subjects to study instead.


            26.3 A student who has studied all subjects on the curriculum and abided by all the Rules and Regulations with GPA lower than 2.00 may apply for a Certificate.


            26.4 The application for a diploma or a certificate shall be submitted to the Advisor and the Dean consecutively within 30 days as from the date the University opens for the final semester when the student expects to acquire all the credits on the curriculum.  The Dean is authorized to nominate individuals eligible for diplomas or certificates.


            26.5 Students must clear all the debts owed to the University, Faculty or Department before being nominated to receive diplomas or certificates.


            26.6 In order to be granted a diploma or a certificate, all nominees must adhere to the university's regulations and Student Conduct Code.


            26.7 The University council reserves the right to grant diplomas or certificates.


            26.8 Graduation Ceremony is held once a year.


Section 27 Awarding Degree Honors


27.1 Academic criteria for students to be awarded with Degree Honors


            27.1.1 Never fails a subject on the curriculum;


            27.1.2 Never repeats a subject to amend GPA;


            27.1.3 Never repeats audited subjects to earn credits;


            27.1.4 Earns GPA from 3.50 for First Class Honor and 3.25 for Second Class Honor;


            27.1.5 Graduated within the time period stated on the curriculum.  Only the enrolled periods are credited as studying time.  Students enrolled in the summer session after the final semester of the curriculum are not eligible for Honor Degrees.


            27.1.6 Students with subject equivalencies recognition within Kasetsart University are eligible for Honor Degrees.  Students Transferred from other universities with recognized equivalencies earning the GPA that meets the criteria for Honor Degrees and whose qualifications meet what stated in Section 27.1.1 through 27.1.5 are also eligible, however, the recognized equivalencies must not exceed 25 percent of the total credits on the curriculum.


27.2 Students granted Honor Degrees have the right to wear an Honor Degree brooch.


Section 28 Academic Distinction Award


            Students awarded with Academic Distinction Award must pass all subjects with GPA of 3.50 up during that particular academic year, not including the results earned during a summer session.  Such students must enroll in two regular semesters for no less than 32 credits, not including credits earned from internship.  In addition, the subjects enrolled must not be the repeat of failed subjects or previously audited subjects.  The final year students in every curriculum are not eligible for Academic Distinction Award.



CHAPTER VI: Student Conduct Code and Disciplines



Section 29 On Campus


            Campus means the sites where the University, the Stations and Student Training Farms are located and the sites of the Universities’ faculties including the student dorms and Universities’ offices.


Section 30 Student Conduct Code


            Students have the duty


            30.1 to always comply with all University Rules and Regulations and strictly adhere to the Student Conduct Code.  Dishonesty in examinations is deemed as a violation of such Code.


            30.2 to abide by the moral and traditional principles upheld by Thai society at all times.


            30.3 to protect the University’s reputation by refraining from behavior that leads to defamation of self and the University.


            30.4 to maintain unity in the community and refrain from engaging in any behavior that is detrimental to this unity.


            30.5 to refrain from consuming alcohol or using any addictive substances on campus, as well as refrain from being so intoxicated that it results in impaired judgment or loss of rationality leading to defamation of self, parents, guardians, or the University’s reputation.  


            30.6 to refrain from carrying weapons or explosives while on campus.


            30.7 to refrain from engaging in physical violence with fellow students or outsiders on or off campus.


            30.8 to refrain from any type of gambling activities on campus.      


            30.9 to refrain from publishing, drawing or writing materials that may negatively affect other individuals without prior consent from the university.          


            30.10 to refrain from practicing inappropriate traditions or ceremonies on or off campus.


            30.11 to refrain from organizing meetings or activities without consent from the University.


            30.12 to refrain from vandalizing the University’s properties.


            30.13 to refrain from bringing into the campus, or possessing, any illegal materials.


            30.14 to refrain from hooligan-like behavior.


            30.15 to be able to show a Student ID upon request of University officials or other officials.


            30.16 to immediately report to the University of any change of personal information or address.


Section 31 Disciplinary procedures


            31.1 There are nine disciplinary procedures


                        31.1.1 Verbal or written warning, depending on the case;


                        31.1.2 Warning of Probation or putting on Probation;


                        31.1.3 Reimbursing for the damages;


                        31.1.4 Suspension: the student will be barred from studying from 1 semester to 3 academic years, depending on the case;


                        31.1.5 Withhold granting a diploma or a certificate not exceeding 3 academic years;


                        31.1.6 Withhold issuing of transcript or any letters of certification not exceeding 3 academic years;


                        31.1.7 Withhold issuing of diploma or certificates not exceeding 3 academic years;


                        31.1.8 Dismissal.


                        31.1.9 Expulsion.


            31.2 Vice President for Student Affairs is authorized to appoint an adhoc committee to deliberate or investigate on the student’s violation of Student Conduct Code and propose reasonable punishment to the University President.


            31.3 Faculties may issue regulations to promote students’ good conduct as appropriate, i.e. organize a system to give points for good conducts, etc.


            31.4 When deemed appropriate, the University is authorized to lighten any Disciplinary procedure penalty except for the case of dishonesty in examinations.


            31.5 The Registrar shall record all Disciplinary procedures on the student’s record.






Section 32 Rights and duties of Student Advisors


            32.1 Student Advisor means the instructor appointed by the Dean to supervise and advise students on their studying and other affairs regarding studying in the Faculty.


            32.2 Student Advisor has the rights and duties as follows:


                        32.2.1 Advising and helping students prepare their academic plan in accordance with the curriculum.


                        32.2.2 Advising students regarding Academic Rules and Regulations.


                        32.2.3 Being accountable for registering, changing, adding and dropping subjects, as well as the student’s required numbers of credits per semester.


                        32.2.4 Recommending students on studying method, give advice and monitor the Students’ academic performance.


                        32.2.5 Reviewing students’ petitions and process them according to the regulations.


                        32.2.6 Advising students regarding their studying and well-being on campus.


                        32.2.7 Monitoring that students’ conduct meet with the Student Conduct Code.  The Advisor is responsible for reporting violations of the Code to the Head of Department and the Dean so they also report it to Vice President for Student Affairs to instigate Disciplinary procedures.



CHAPTER VIII: Miscellaneous



Section 33 Any procedure not covered in this Regulations shall be under the discretion of the President to stipulate measures for operation as long as such measures are in line with the standard criteria of Undergraduate Education stipulated by the Office of Higher Education Commission.

Section 34 During the interim period when there are no announcements, regulations, stipulations or measures to enforce these Regulations, the previously enforced Undergraduate Announcements, regulations, stipulations or measures shall be applied compliantly until the day this Regulations are announced and become enforced.



                                    Announcement made on January 19th, B.E. 2548 (2005)


                                                    Signature     Ampol Senanarong

                                                                   (Mr. Ampol Senanarong)


                                                                 Kasetsart University Council




Announcement by Kasetsart University Council

Undergraduate Education Regulations

Kasetsart University (No. 2)

B.E. 2548 (A.D. 2005)


            For effective implementation of the undergraduate study, Kasetsart University Council, under the provision specified in Article 16, Kasetsart University Act B.E. 2541 and the approval of  Kasetsart University Council in its 9/2548 Meeting on 19th September B.E. 2548,  the following Regulations are promulgated:


Section 1 These Regulations are entitled, “The Undergraduate Education Regulations, Kasetsart University (No. 2) B.E. 2548 (2005)”.


Section 2 These Regulations shall be enforced on students enrolled from academic year 2548 (2005) onward.      


Section 3 Section 26.6 in the Undergraduate Regulations, Kasetsart University B.E. 2548 (2005) shall be replaced by the following statement:


            “Section 26.6 In order to be granted a diploma or a certificate, all nominees must adhere to the university's regulations and Student Conduct Code, as well as participate in the extracurricular activities stipulated by the University.  In case such participation is not possible, the Dean’s consent is required.”



                         Announcement made on September 22nd , B.E. 2548 (2005)


                                                Signature    Ampol Senanarong

                                                               (Mr.Ampol Senanarong)


                                                         Kasetsart University Council














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