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Philosophy, Resolution and Objective

Kumpaengsaen Research and Development Institute believes in the Philosophy and resolution of working with Kasetsart University Establishing Kasetsart University as institute for gathering finding, developing knowledge and the wisdom will be grow with technical morality and virtue all through the director and to inherit the good social aim for the long pros parity and to be the civilized nation .

To improve research to pay attention to service to cooperate witch others ideas for the benefit of the community


The mission of Kampaengsaen Research and Development is to support, develop, serve and coordinate with internal and external researcher. To Establish a cooperation of research network to produce new ideas and disseminate them to everyone. To instruct the technology to support the education of the masses . To be technologically competent on both domestic and international levels .

To lead the society and coo pate in solving problems related to the development of the economy, society, environment and human resources for a stable nation.



  • Producing a quality research that is acceptable to inter national standards.
  • Establishing of a network for research
  • Providing quality service for researchers and academics.
  • Instruct and extend the success of the research to actual performance.


To create the Kampaengsaen Research and Development for the management of the research service unit at the Kampaengsaen campus has fluently can support in the provision of education and teaching , research and technical support to other organizations to promote and develop the efficient research for the campus. There fore, the objective of Kampaengsaen Research and Development Institute are:

  • To improve research / creative work or to be engrade in a particular research / creative work.
  • To cooperate regarding the research in side and outside the University and coordinate with the campus in coordinating the research activities.
  • To support and promote the server ices about the quality research and academic work, staff, equipments and place.
  • To manage new knowledge and instruct research to society.


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