Research units
Operating Research Units:
Operating Research Units are fully equipped with scientific equipments, laboratories plus expertise. 

 Biomass and Bio-energy Technology Division

Laboratory of Starch, Sugar and Rubber Technology
Laboratory of Rice Technology
Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Technology
Laboratory Hand-made Products of Technology
Laboratory of Textile Technology
  Laboratory of Herbs and Biodiversity Technology 
Laboratory of  Biodegradable Polymer and Fiber Technology
  Laboratory of  Center for research and development of completed technology of biomass for bioenergy

 Nano and Bio Technology Division

Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology for Industry
Laboratory of Health Care and Cosmetic Product Technology
Laboratory of Enzymes Technology and Waste Management
Laboratory of Non Destructive Quality Evaluation  

 Business Development Division

Group of Business Development and Marketing
Group of Information Technology
Group of Technology Transfer  
Research Co-operative Units: (Both National and International)
AIST (Bio Plastics)
BIOTEC (Cassava Research)
MTEC (Textile Research)
CIRAD (Rubber Research)
NRCT-JSPS (NIR Research)
JIRCAS (Enzyme/Biomass Research)
Peanut SATT Center (Technology Transfer)