About Us


Even though Thailand has been one of the countries those can produce and supply massive agricultural products throughout the world market, the economic values of these items as raw materials and/or partially modified are relatively low. As a result, the policy of Thai government supports the organizations in creation of researchers those promote developing researches specifically concerning agriculture and agro-industry technology.  Kasetsart University, where the agricultural and agro-industrial expertise are centralized in order to run the academic as well as the research and development, especially those related to food products. However, there was no organization in KU at that time researching on non-food products. As a result, in 1986 KU approached to establish a novel organization “Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute” aiming to focus on non-food products development. Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Institute or KAPI was established since 29th July 1991 with the first director, Prof .Dr.Thira Sutabutr from 1991 to 1997.



To be an excellent center in non-food innovation, especially to create value non-food products from agricultural, agro-industrial and woody biomasses.


To perform research and develop sustainable knowledge and technology related to biomasses utilization into non-food products, as well as to strengthen the capacity of non-food industries in the national and/or international competitiveness


1. To continuously develop and improve the quality of non-food related researches
2. To be an outstanding research institute, especially in non-food products
3. To efficiently promote technology transfer to the interests

Major responsibilities

1. Research and develop the non-food technology
2. Provide technical services and non-food technology transfer to promote collaborating among institutes/ organizations
3. Support the academic section by lecturing specific topics and/ or mentoring the research thesis for undergraduate and graduate students.