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The rapid development of the maritime industries in the Southeast Asian region is not accompanied with the development of skilled human resources in the region. The availability of skilled manpower becomes critical recently due to the exploding relevant activities.

The roots of the International Maritime College (IMC) go back to May 20th 2002, when the board of trustee of Kasetsart University approved the establish an organization with the status of a campus under the name “International Maritime Institute (IMI)”, the predecessor of IMC, that would contribute to sustainable maritime human resources developments for domestic, regional and even global levels according to increasingly growth of the maritime business for the glory and happiness of advancing generations.

Although the lack in supports and resources impeded the establishment of the institute, the program of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering was accomplished under the Faculty of Engineering at Si Racha. Subsequently, the board of trustee of Kasetsart University had a consensus on November 27th 2007 to reorganize IMI towards the International Maritime College as a faculty within  Kasetsart University, Si Racha Campus.

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