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On the undergraduate level, there are fourteen programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree:
1. Tourism and Hotel Studies
2. Tourism Management  (international program)
3. Mass Communications
4. English (regular and special sessions)
5. French
6. German
7. Literature
8. Thai Classical Music
9. Western Music
10. Philosophy and Religion
11.  Thai
12. Communicative Thai Language for Foreigners (international program)
13. Chinese
14. Japanese
On the master’s degree level, there are six programs leading to the Master of Arts degree:
1. Applied Linguistics (regular and special sessions)
2. Philosophy and Religion
3. English for Specific Purposes (regular and special sessions)
4. Ethnomusicology (regular and special sessions)
5. Thai Literature
6. Thai language (regular and special sessions)
7. Communication Arts and Information
On the doctoral level, there are three programs, leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree:
1. Thai (regular and special sessions)
2. Applied Linguistics
3. English for International Communication (international program)
Work-Study Program
The Work-Study Program is a form of education which brings together academic studies in the classroom and practical experience in the workplace. Students are required to undertake duties at a place of work for 16 weeks, upon completion of which they are awarded six credits, for working in this way enhances their knowledge, skills and experience.

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