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Capacity Building Products and Services

RECOFTC, through its Capacity Building Services Program has a broad array of activities and services that are specifically designed to strengthen human capacities for promoting effective practices, processes and policies that support community involvement in NRM within the region.  

Training Programs and Study Tours

RECOFTC offers a range of integrated training programs and study tours on community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) topics using participatory learning methods. The courses and study tours build upon the participants' experiences and then extend their skills and knowledge by exploring issues through case study analysis, field visits, and presentations by invited specialists. The aim of all training programs and study tours is to facilitate the learning and sharing of information between participants and experienced field practitioners, and to ensure practical and relevant learning outcomes that are readily converted into your own work place environment.  RECOFTC training programs and study tours are applicable to all those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of CBNRM processes, practices and outcomes. They are particularly useful for government officials, policy makers, management personnel, researchers, academics, trainers, field workers, and community representatives.

Customizing our Work to Suit Your Needs

All the above products and services can be customized to suit any requirement. We can provide training in Bangkok, Thailand using our excellent facilities, or utilize our extensive network and experience in Thailand or work with partners at the national level to ensure delivery of our products suits the context, matches the partners and participants needs and is outcome focused. This includes providing training and study tours in national languages.

Training and Capacity Building Needs Assessment  

RECOFTC also provides services and training in training and capacity building needs assessment. Many organizations and projects do not achieve the maximum benefit from their investment in training. Often simple, but important steps to analyse needs (not wants) are ignored or brushed-off.  

Facilitation of Learning Processes

RECOFTC can further enhance outcomes from projet and organizational activities by facilitating learning processes. This may be the facilitation of one-off events or workshops, or more extensive learning process over longer periods of time.

Curriculum Development Assistance

RECOFTC has recently completed a number of important studies in this are and is currently exploring opportunities for a higher education support mechanism in the Asian region.

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is now an accepted part of ensuring that integrated, focused and measurable capacity building programs and projects are achieved. RECOFTC can provide both training and services in this important area and is continually exploring innovative ways of increasing impacts and outcomes from participatory M&E processes.


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