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Below is a brief overview of RECOFTC's regional programs, support services, and governing bodies.

Regional and Country Analysis and Support (RECAS) is responsible for the analysis of key issues facing community forestry in the region and indivdual countries (especially in the focal countries), demonstrating practices, and sharing lessons learned. It also presents main findings at various national, regional, and global forums and integrates them into the programs, products, and services delivered by CABS. Capacity

Building Services (CABS) is responsible for assessing capacities at national and regional levels; designing and developing capacity-building programs, products, and services relevant to RECOFTC's clients and partners; and coordinating and facilitating their delivery with the support of RECAS. Please visit the Capacity Building Products and Services webpage for further information.

Communications, Marketing, and Fundraising (COMAF) is responsible for the management and communication of all information and outputs within RECOFTC and with the outside world. COMAF plays a crucial role in knowledge management and ensures that 'tactic' knowledge is converted into 'explicit' knowledge so that it can be widely disseminated via suitable communication tools, techniques, and approaches for achieving greater impacts at national and regional levels. In addition, it is responsible for the documentation center, marketing, fundraising, information technology, and the management information system.

Program Coordination, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PROCOME) oversees the overall coordination and strengthening of synergies among the aforementioned three programs and the management of task teams. It is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the planning and execution of different program activitieis, and for assessing RECOFTC's overall impact and progress towards its goal and objective. Corporate and Support Services (CS) Corporate Services is responsible for RECOFTC's finance, administration, human resources, and facilities.

The Executive Office (EO) is responsible for building strategic partnerships/relationships with key national government and nongovernment  organizations, regional and international institutions, the private sector, and funding agencies. It is also charged with the overall management of RECOFTC.  


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