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RECOFTC holds a unique and important place in the world of forestry. It is the only international not-for-profit organization that specializes in capacity building for community forestry and devolved forest management. RECOFTC engages in strategic networks and effective partnerships with governments, nongovernmental organizations, civil society, the private sector, local people, and research and educational institutes throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. With over 20 years of international experience and a dynamic approach to capacity building—involving research and analysis, demonstration sites, and training products—RECOFTC delivers innovative solutions for people and forests. 

Organizational Profile  

RECOFTC’s regional office in Bangkok is built around three programs, a coordinating body, and a support service.

  • Regional and Country Analysis and Support (RECAS)
  • Capacity Building Services (CABS)
  • Communications, Marketing, and Fundraising (COMAF)
  • Program Coordination, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PROCOME)
  • Corporate and Support Services (CS)

Additionally, RECOFTC currently has three country programs (Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia) and project staff based in other focal countries.  

Organizational Structure

RECOFTC is governed by a Board of Trustees, which appoints an Executive Director to manage the organization with support from the Executive Committee (EC). The EC comprises the Executive Director, the PROCOME coordinator, and the managers of RECAS, CABS, COMAF, and CS.  Board of Trustees  

The Board of Trustees (BOT)

comprises 11 voting members and the RECOFTC Executive Director, who is non-voting. The chair of the BOT is Mr. David Cassells.  

Donors and Sponsors  

RECOFTC's core program sponsors are the aid agencies of Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway. In addition, RECOFTC has received funding for its projects from a wide range of other agencies. This page provides links to these organizations.

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