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                                                              Faculty History
   On May 1st, 1936 Faculty of Forestry emerged initially as Forestry School offering 
   a 2- year curriculum under Royal Forestry Department, Ministry of Agriculture 
   (now Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives). There were 25 forestry students 
   at the beginning. The 2- year program was operated until 1939 
   when the Forestry School was transferred to Kasetsart College and 
   extended the curriculum to be a 3 year program under the College of Forestry.


On February 2, 1943 the Kasetsart College was conferred as a university 
status through amalgamation of the College of Agriculture and College of 
Forestry with the two additional Faculties of Fisheries and Cooperative 
Sciences. The program for Bachelor degree in Forestry was then first 
offered under a 5-year curriculum.

In 1964 the program was changed to 4 years with 3 undergraduate study

fields namely: General Forestry, Conservation, and Wood Technology.

Since then the curriculum has been updated several times until recently

in year 1999.


The first graduate program for Master of Science in Forestry was offered

in 1967 and Doctorate degree in 1992. The Faculty of forestry contains

an Administrative Service Unit, Forestry Library, Forest Research Center,

and 6 academic Departments namely: Conservation, Silviculture,

Forest Engineering, Forest Management, and Forest Biology.





The Faculty of Forestry at Kasetsart University was the only one academic institution in Thailand offering higher

education in forestry for Bachelor and Master of Sciences, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Since the beginning

Faculty of Forestry produced 833 diploma graduates, 3,634 undergradates, 445 graduates under M.S. program,

and 7 doctorates under Ph. D program.




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