Monday, 18. October 2021

Over a quarter century, the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of Kasetsart University was the only institution of higher education in Thailand which offered formal degree training in agricultural economics. Since 1960's, there has been a rapid expansion in higher education and this has led to the establishment of B.S. degree program in agricultural economics in the regional universities. As a result, starting from 1961 the Department of Agricultural Economics. It became a regional center for short and long term training for midcareer professionals from the ASEAN member countries. Currently, there are about 100 Students enrolled in this M.S. program.

As befitting Thailand's emerging status of middle income country, the expansion and specialization of the graduate study program in agricultural economics has been made possible by a growing cadre of well trained specialists. At present, the Department has a large number of high qualified staff. There are more than 20 faculty members who have Ph. D.'s from leading universities. Capacity of the staff is recognized in a wide range of fields and has been actively engaged in research for the Thai government as well as international agencies.


1. Agricultural Economics
2. Agribusiness
3. Cooperative Economics


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