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1938   M.L. Chuchart Kampoo, the Director General of the Royal Irrigation   
            Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, founded the
            Technical School of Irrigation.
1951   The Technical School of Irrigation joined Kasetsart University.
1954   The Technical School of Irrigation was renamed to Faculty of Irrigation
1966   The Faculty of Irrigation Engineering was renamed to Faculty of
            Engineering, located at Bangkhen, Bangkok.
1979   The Department of Agricultural Engineering, and the Department of 
             Irrigation Engineering were moved to Kamphaeng Saen Campus,
            Nakhon Pathom.
1994   The Department of Food Engineering was established at
            Kamphaeng Saen Campus.
2000   The Department of Civil Engineering was established at 
            Kamphaeng Saen Campus
2001   The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established at
            Kamphaeng Saen Campus
2003   The five departments were separated from the Faculty of Engineering
            (Bangkhen), leading to an official establishment of the Faculty of
            Engineering at Kamphaengsaen
2006   The Department of Computer Engineering was established under the
            Faculty of Engineering at Kamphaengsaen

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