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        The Faculty of Education has been a part as learning and instruction management at
Kampangsaen Campus since 1979, referred to the campus expansion project of Kasetsart
University and Kasetsart University Laboratory School was established in the following year.

         At the present, the Faculty of Education is changed to be the Faculty of  Education
and Development Sciences, located Kampangsaen Campus. It has 1 office and 4 departments,
i.e. Office of Secretary, Department of Human and Community Resource Development,
Department of Physical Education, Department of Teacher Education , and Kasetsart University
laboratory School Center for Educational Research and Development. These departments have
the following important roles as shown below.

          1. The Office of Secretary : Responsible for general affairs and  administrative work in
order to promote and support all responsibilities within the faculty efficiently
          2. Department of Human and Community Resource Development: Responsible for
providing undergraduate students in 2 majors; Bachelor of Science (Agriculture and Environment
Studies – 4 year program), Bachelor of education (Learning Management in Agriculture and
Environment Studies – 5 year program) and responsible for providing thinker, developer, and
researcher (ฺBachelor and Ph. D. of Arts)
          3. Department of Physical Education and Sport : Responsible for providing the course of
general physical education which is a compulsory course for all Bachelor’s students at Kampangsaen
          4. Department of Teacher Education: Responsible for 2 majors in education – Mathematics
and Computer Education, and English Education including the course of fundamental education
that are required for all students as either compulsory or selective course
          5. Kasetsart University laboratory School Kamphaeng Saen Campus Educational Research and Development Center : Established on July 15th, 1980 under the management of the Faculty of Education and Development Sciences.
          KUS. is purposed for doing educational research and development centre for rural area nearby, doing pre – service training for students learning teacher education, and providing the academic service for society.


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