About Us Vision/Mission



           Be the leader in education, research and academic outreach contributing to innovations
for sustainable human and community resource development in the Thai context based on good governance at international standards.


           1. Produce graduates at bachelor, master, and doctoral degree levels at international
standards in the field of education and development sciences fully equipped with knowledge,
 capabilities, morals, ethics, and service-mind
           2. Promote and support research and academic outreach in the field of education and
development sciences to keep pace with educational, economics, and social changes
           3. Establish cooperation network with various organizations to attain the recognition
as the leader in societal and national development of education and development sciences
           4. Promote, preserve, maintain the national culture, customs, traditions and wisdom
           5. Promote and support Kasetsart University Laboratory School  Kamphaeng Saen
Campus Educational Research and Development Center to realize its full potential as a
resource for teacher professional practices and a model school in achieving quality learning
management standards

Principle Policy
    1. Administration
        1.1 Supporting the staffs, students, and visitors to participate the activities of faculty
        1.2 Having clarify job and ability to check.
        1.3 Managing general information systematically.
        1.4 Establishing the funds of faculty.
        1.5 Having many projects to get income for the funds continuously.
        1.6 Providing good surrounding and standard facilities to encourage teachers and students
for instruction.

    2. Academic Issue and Research
        2.1 Developing and revising the curriculum of Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Program in
education and development sciences in accordance with social needs.
        2.2 Promoting to do research, facilitating network and improving academic participation
within organization and other organizations, both public and private sectors.
        2.3 Establishing the centre of best for education and development sciences.
        2.4 Providing the group of teachers in integrated course within faculty.
        2.5 Promoting the academic achievement in education and development sciences to public.

    3. Student Activities
        3.1. Supporting students to have morality, ethics, vocational skill, good heath and be leader
in society. 
        3.2 Providing students funds, benefits and suitable surrounding for students improvement.
        3.3 Establishing alumnus club of faculty.

    4. Academic Service and contribute art and culture.
        4.1 Providing facilities system for academic service and contributing arts and culture.
        4.2 Providing the centre of morality and ethics of faculty.

    5. Quality Assessment
        5.1 Handling the process of quality assessment systematically.
        5.2 Assessing the job performance of executives at all levels.

    6. Health Care
        6.1 Establishing the centre of development and test of physical competency for students,
staffs and visitors.
        6.2 Creating the health park for students, staffs and visitors

Systemizing administrative management Kasetsart University laboratory School Center for
Educational Research and Development to promote efficiency of competition in this region.

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