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Home FAQ Wednesday, 08. December 2021

1. What is Archives?

      Please look at this link.

2. What kind of services do Kasetsart University Archive offer?

   Kasetsart University Archive (KUA) offers searching services for documents, photographs, and books on historical development of Kasetsart University                  

      Interested users can visit the Kasetsart University Archive on 4 th floor, Dheparatwittayachote building, Main Library Office.

   Kasetsart University Archive also offers a tour of  “KU Hall of History” which shows historical background of Kasetsart University during working hours of every weekday.

      Visitors can come in person or in group by contacting at this
      phone number :   (66) 02-942-7272

3. To donate things that relate to Kasetsart University, what should be done?

   Donator(s) of all KU-related items, please be so kind as to get in touch with
   Kasetsart University Archive, 4th floor, Dheparatwittayachote building, Main Library Office, at these phone numbers : (66) 02-942-8616 extension 426 – 430

or with

    Hall of   KU History, gate 2, Ngamwongwan road
at this phone number :(66) 02-942-7272

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