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Hall of history



        The Kasetsart University Hall of History was established on Feburuary 2 ,2003, the sixtieth anniversary of the University, as a memorial that enables the faculty, staff, and students and all interested people to learn of  the history and development of Kasetsart University from its founding to the present, of events in the past which have brought honor to the University and in which they may take pride, and of the potentialities of the University in the future. The building that has been removal as the Hall of  History  has been well known by old Kasetsart people as the Animal Husbandry Building, for classes in this subject were once taught in the rooms on the upper floor; as the Chemistry Building , for chemistry was once taught on the lower floor; and as the White Building, for it once wore a coat of white paint.


        The building was the first stuccoed brick structure on the campus and is of special importance because it was in 1950, in the hall on the eastern end of the upper floor in 1950, that Their Majesties the King and Queen bestowed degrees upon graduates of  Kasetsart University for the first time.


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