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what is archives


  What are Archives?

   Archives, according to archive’s international organization, are all original documents which offices in government sector or private institutes considered worth-preserving and they are called Archives Materials (Fine Art Department, 1999).

  Archives are all documents produced by offices in government sector, state enterprises or private organization as evidences and tools for their daily operation, including their reports or written records of events. (Dictionary of the Royal Thai Academy, 1999)

  What are Archive Materials?

  Archive Materials are all out-of-service documents dated back about 20-30 years and needed to be preserved. They are not to be destroyed and are significant to historical development of the organization. They are categorized into; 

    -Textual Archives are handwritten or typewritten documents, for example; official notes, official letters, correspondence, position papers, and minutes.

  - Audio-Visual Archives are documents conveyed by sounds or pictures, such as negative photo slides, poster, and card, etc. 

   - Cartographic Archives are maps, blueprints, and diagrams.

   -  Machine -Readable Archives are data documents saved and retrieved by  computer technology.     






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