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 Historical Background :

     The Kasetsart University Archive (KUA) was originated from the need of Kasetsart University Main Library Office for archive works to prosper within campus. Its development dated back to 1979 when Assistant professor Dr. Wiroj Impeetak, the then rector, foresaw the importance of the matter and persevered to set up the Kasetsart University Archive (KUA) on the occasion of the university reaching its 6th decade anniversary in 2003. Kasetsart University Council finally approved the establishment of the KUA as a subordinating division affiliated to the Rector’s Office (in accordance with Kasetsart University Council Announcement of May 19, 2004).  

 KUA Vision :

     To provide a timely database of KU historical background and development for the all-round education about Kasetsart University respectively in the Thai-society and in the world-class levels. 

  Mission :

     Primary task of the KUA deals with services to preserve and disseminate archives in order to promote management and academic work of Kasetsart University for the purpose of both present and future plannings.

 Objective :

   -To find and collect archives on history, development, and existence of Kasetsart University 

   -To preserve, organize, and disseminate worthwhile information which reflects the  roles of Kasetsart University in Thai agriculture.

   -To disseminate various forms of archives, and to provide services in promoting the optimum use of archives.

   - To extend knowledge to all walks of life in the Thai society.  





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-KUA annual report 2010 

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