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                    Over 6 decades of Kasetsart University history, documents and notes in various forms has been increasing because of University’s history and development. These documents and notes are not only primary evidences of academic references in agricultural history of Thailand and University’s development research but also are intellectual and cultural estates that shows pride and glorious biography of our parents and University to the next generation too.

               Therefore, Kasetsart University has seen beyond the important of preserving these evidences in proper and academic way. As we’re going to 7th decade, Kasetsart University Archives was established on 19th may, 2004 as an internal institute which is equal to department, affiliated with administration office. And on 3rd August, 2006, Archives was given responsibility for assembling Hall of History. 






-Annual report 2009 

-KUA Bulletin (OCT - DEC 2010)



-Exhibition at KULC "KU Graduation ceremony 2010" (click)



-19 August 2010 Seminar for Prof.dr Autit Nagasawat (Click)



-KUA annual report 2010 

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