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 Kasetsart University

Kasetsart University is a public university and was established on the 2nd of February, 1943. The original objectives of university focused on promoting subjects related to agricultural sciences. Since its founding, the University has revised its curricula and now cover areas of study such as education, engineering, and other sciences. Currently, Kasetsart University has 7 campuses and more than 10 research stations distributed throughout all regions of Thailand. At present the number of enrolled students at all levels of study is 35,000.

Faculty of Architecture

As part of the university’s educational opportunity extension policy, the Department of Architecture was officially formed in 1994 under the Faculty of Engineering.  After 6 years of full operation, in 2000, the University established the Faculty of Architecture as an independent faculty with its own 15,000 sq.m facilities. The Faculty of Architecture is one of fourteen faculties within Kasetsart University.


As part of the University that emphasizes land resource management and originated from Engineering Faculty, the fundamental  principle of the Faculty of Architecture builds upon the stewardship of natural resources and the environment. The faculty aims to produce graduates specializing in Green Architecture and design principles that lead to minimal impact on the environment.

Programs Offered

The Faculty of Architecture offers 4 programs:      
- Bachelor of Architecture: B.Arch (Year Initiated: 1994)
- Bachelor of Landscape Architecture: B.LA. (Year Initiated: 2002)
- Master of Urban and Environmental Planning:   MUEP (Year Initiated: 2002)
- Master of Architecture: M.Arch (Building Technology/Master of  Science: MS(Building Technology) (Year expected to be Initiated: 2003)

Architecture Program

The Architecture Program offers a five- year program (178 credits) leading to a bachelor of architecture (B.Arch) . The goals of this program are to produce qualified professional architects for the public and the private sectors and to equip them with the necessary intellectual and practical skills based on  sustainable design concepts. Candidates are required to pass the national entrance examination organized by the Ministry of University Affairs.

Landscape Architecture Program

The curriculum in Landscape Architecture leads to a degree of bachelor of landscape architecture (B.L.A.)as a five-year program (169 credits). Our goal is to produce landscape architects who are capable of performing environmental planning and design under the philosophy of sustainability. The strengths of our Landscape Architecture program are reinforced by the university’s broad range of academic resources. With  cooperation from the Faculty of Forestry, Agriculture and Social Science, a diverse range of disciplines are integrated into the curriculum to ensure the interdisciplinary approach of the program leading to sustainable landscape design and planning.                                

Urban and Environmental Planning Program

The Master of Urban and Environmental Planning is a part-time 2-year program (42 credits). Students are from diverse educational backgrounds, where experiences can be exchanged. Upon completion of the two-year program of studies, graduates are expected to have acquired basic planning skills, a broad understanding of urban issues and specialized  knowledge in a field of their own choice. Applicants will generally hold a degree in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering or related fields in Social Science, have a GPA no less than 2.5 and have over 2 years of work experience.

Building Technology and Innovation Program

The current rapid growth in the complexity of buildings operation requires a wider range of expertise in design, construction, operation, and management than was required in the past. The Building Technology and Innovation Program has been in development  to offer opportunities for advanced research in specialized areas relating to architecture. Applicants will generally hold a degree in Architecture or Engineering. Applicants from related disciplines may be accepted into the program provided they demonstrate competency relating to the architecture discipline.

Semester Schedule           

1st Semester: June-September
2nd Semester: November-February  

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