Curriculum:Undergraduate : Course Description

119511 Economics of International (3), 3-0
Comparative Agriculture

Food and agricultural problems of the world and specific countries. Effects of agricultural structure and institutions on differences in farm production and income across countries. Differences in agricultural development and special emphasis on developing countries of Asia.

119521 Farm Management (3), 3-0
Anglysis of farming practices through case study method. Farm planning and budgeting under changing economic, social and technological conditions using linear programming, game theory and simulation methods. Field trips are included.

119522 Analysis of Agricultural Production (3), 3-0
Economics I
Agricultural production economic theory under static and dynamic situations. Analysis of
allocation of factors of production, production efficiency, demand for factors of production and supply of agricultural products, costs of production and farm growth. Comparative studies of agricultural areas.
Application of linear programming.

119531 Agricultural Market and (3), 3-0
Price Analysis

Construction of market models for analysis of various marketing conditions. Analysis of changes in marketing institutions resulting from problems and different production policies, prices and agricultural marketing.

119532 Economics of Futures Market in (3), 3-0

Economics of present and future trading. Theory of future trading. Risk bearing in marketing. Future trading prediction.

119541 Agricultural Finance (3), 3-0
Problems in agricultural funds. Short-run and long-run demand for credit. Credit institutions.
Public credit policy. Financial analysis of farmers and credit institutions. Principles of control credit. Costs of credit and ways of cost reduction. Problems and policies on agricultural credit in Thailand.

119551 Agricultural Resource Economics (3), 3-0
Economics theories relevant to resource use and management. Concept of joint production and joint costs. External effects of resource decisions. Application of public finance, welfare economics, and capital theory. Cost- Cost-benefit analysis of investment projects. Investment and management problems in water resources, outdoor recreation, forestry and fisheries. Economics problems of the pollution of environments and controls of environmental quality.

119552 Land Economics (3), 3-0
Demand for and supply of land. Theory of land rent. Analysis of land development. Land use. Land conservation. Land problems and policies. Agricultural land tenure. Economics of tenancy and land reform.

119553 Economics of Aquaculture (3), 3-0
Application of economic theory to the analysis of aquaculture economics taking into account physical factors, biological factors and environmental factors. Bio-economic model of aquaculture. Economic optimization technique in aquaculture. Simulation in the economic analysis of aquaculture, Socio-economics and social-welfare in aquaculture practice.

119554 Economics of Fishery Resources (3), 3-0
The concept of common property for fishery resources. Bio-economic model of fishery resources. Economic theory as applied to the economic aspects of fishery resources management. Supply and demand for fishery resources. Advanced dynamic analysis in maximizing social welfare from fishery exploitation.

119561 Agricultural Policy (3), 3-0
Analysis of agricultural policy and planning with emphasis on the role of agriculture in the economic and social development. Thailandís agricultural policy formulation. World and regional agricultural policies.

119562 Agricultural Development (3), 3-0

Role of agriculture in economic development. Agricultural economic problems in developing countries. Theories of economic and social growth. Economic growth models. Development models of agricultural sector. Relationship between consumption and agricultural production and agricultural development. Planning and agricultural development policies.

119563 International Agricultural Trade (3), 3-0 and Commercial Policy
Patterns of international trade in agricultural commodities. Competitive areas. Changes in
comparative advantage of agricultural trade. Policies and practices of exporting and importing countries.
Relationship between domestic and international agricultural policies. European common market trade
policies. Present plan for the development of trade in agricultural commodities and for the cooperation in international agricultural trade.

119572 Agribusiness Management (3), 3-0
Domestic and export structure and business system of agricultural commodities. Management and business administration of agribusiness unit. Budgeting, financial and price analysis of agribusiness unit.

119581 Quantitative Analysis in (3), 3-0
Agricultural Economics I
Construction of mathematical economic models applied to theories and problems of agricultural economics. Economic models concerning economic growth under certainty and uncertainly of agricultural sector.

119582 Quantitative Analysis in (3), 3-0
Agricultural Economics II
Mathematical analysis of agricultural economic problems. Analysis of linear programming and
non-linear programming applied to production firms and agricultural industry. Economics of ransportation
models. Analysis of partial equilibrium of markets, production forms and agricultural industry.

119583 Quantitative Analysis in (3), 3-0
Agricultural Economics III

Application of advanced statistical principles and theories to agricultural economic problems.
Statistical prediction and estimation. Estimation of regression coefficients and practical solution to the
regression problems. Application of regression analysis to agricultural economic models. Hypothesis
testing. Statistical interpretation of outcome of analysis. Econometric aspects of regression equations.

119591 Research Methodology in (3), 3-0
Agricultural Economics

Analysis of research methodology. Formulation of problems. Formulation and testing of hypothesis. Forms of research proposal. Statistical techniques used in research. Research problems and guides in agricultural economics. Some examples of analytical techniques.

119597 Seminar (1-3)
119598 Special Problems (1-3
Graduate research submitted as a report.
119599 Thesis (1-12)

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