Curriculum : Undergraduate : Course Stucture

1. Total credit requirement 38 credits
1.1 Major field
Core course 11 credits
Elective 9 credits, at least
1.2 Minor field 6 credits, at least
1.3 Thesis 12 credits
2. Course work
* Total credit in 1.1 and 1.2 must be at least 26 credits
A. Major Field : The major field consists of
Core Course:
119581 Quantitative Analysis in Agricultural Economics I
119583 Quantitative Analysis in Agricultural Economics III
119591 Advanced Research Methodology in Agricultural Economics
119597 Seminar (3 semester, one credit per semester)
119511 Economics of International Comparative Agricultural
119521 Farm Management
119522 Analysis of Agricultural Production Economics I
119531 Agricultural Market and Price Analysis
119532 Economics of Futures Market in Agricultural Economics
119541 Agricultural Finance
119551 Agricultural Resource Economics
119553 Economics of Aquaculture
119554 Fishery Resource Economics
119561 Agricultural Policy
119562 Agricultural Development Economics
119563 International Agricultural Trade and Policy
119572 Agribusiness Management
119582 Quantitative Analysis in Agricultural Economics II
119598 Special Problems

B. Minor field
Students are required to take graduate level courses in microeconomic theory and
macroeconomic theory. One additional elective course in economics automatically makes economics a minor field.
C. Thesis at least 12 credits

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