Curriculum: Undergraduate


In 1941, Cooperative Department was developed in Kasetsart College. In 1943, it became
one of four units in "Faculty of Co-operatives", which was one of the first four faculties of
Kasetsart University.

In 1956, Faculty of Cooperatives was renamed "Faculty of Cooperative Economics",
offered the first Master Degree Program in Agricultural Economics. In 1966, the name was
changed again to "Faculty of Economics and Business Administration" to embrace both
disciplines. In 1969, all units changed their status becoming "Departments" for better

In 1992, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration was divided into two
faculties: Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Economics.
The Faculty of Economics is concerned with proper ways and means of using the limited
income, property, and resources most profitably. It offers curricular programs, conducts
research, and renders technical services to the society in three subject-matter areas, namely
Agricultural and Resource Economics, Cooperative Science, and Economics.

The Faculty consists of office of the Faculty’s secretary and 3 academic departments:
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Department of Cooperative Science,
Department of Economics.


1. Bachelor Of Economics
2. Bachelor Of Science (Agribusiness)
3. Bachelor Of Science (Agricultural Economics)
4. Bachelor Of Science (Cooperative Economics)

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