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             The Faculty of Agriculture, the premier faculty of Kasetsart University established at its inception in 1943, currently carries out education, research and academic services at Bangkhen campus.  The faculty consists of nine departments, including Agricultural Extension and Communication, Agronomy, Animal Science, Entomology, Farm Mechanics, Home Economics, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, and Soil Science. Through these departments, the Faculty of Agriculture offers a range of high-quality courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Department of Entomology

            Department of Entomology has a strong will to produce the students who, after graduation in entomology field, are to be equipped with knowledge, thinking ability, analysis, creation as well as to bring the academic knowledge gained for self-development implementation.  They will also be able to lead the agricultural and social sections with efficiency.  Above all, they will be ethical and moral with integrity in their career, leading to national and international acceptance.   This creating of human resource is in accordance with the need of the country and world communities.

Department of Farm Mechanics

            The content of the department covers farm mechanics technology, included of application of those appropriate technology into postharvest processing and storage i.e. energy analysis, postharvest technology, computer and decision support system and technology in agricultural waste and wastewater management. The department is also engrossed in research for developing and applying new technology into agriculture systems.

Department of Home Economics

            Home Economics study is multidisciplinary knowledge, drawing from: Science, Sociology and Humanities in fields of Food and Nutrition, Textile and Clothing, Family and Child Development and Applied Art to make the most in occupational extension and quality of life.  Department of Home Economics, Kasetsart University was the first systematic academic in Home Economics teaching in Thailand to equip students with necessary tools herewith moral and ethics to work in both region and international.

Department of Soil Science

            Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University is responsible for teaching, research and extension of technical knowledge on soils, fertilizer and environment.  This is because soils are sources of important factors for human life and welfare, particularly in food production.  As world population increases the need of arable lands for cultivation would increase accordingly.  A study to create understanding on how to use soils and fertilizers properly is essential in order to utilize soils effectively and suitably, and to conserve soil fertility soil productivity and soil environment for the future generation.

Department of Horticulture

            ‘Horticulture’ refers to the cultivation of ornamentals, certain food and industrial crops and may be divided into well defined fields, viz. pomology, the culture of fruits; olericulture, the culture of vegetables; and floriculture, the cultivation of ornamental plants and flowers.  Industrial crops often classified as horticultural produce include plants used for making medicine, beverage, wine, beer, perfume, dye, sweeteners, stimulants and distilled products, oil products, insecticides, etc.       At Kasetsart University, the Department of Horticulture was established in Bangkhen Campus in 1957, to undertake teaching and research in various fields of horticulture: plant production, propagation, plant improvement and postharvest aspects were emphasized in both advanced and applied technologies.

Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication

           Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication was established on February 7,1984. The primary functions of the department are; a) teaching and training b) research and development, and c) providing academic services. The department devotes itself to the task of developing a high intellectual graduate in both agricultural extension and development communication majors. The graduates are sound recognized as a high potential ability in thinking, creating, analyzing, and utilizing of academic knowledge. The department's students are encouraged to strive for strong-minded ethical and moral excellence. As a specialized  department a numbers academic creation and development with including research are accomplished. The department disciplines the roles to integrate knowledge in science, humanity, social  science, economic, management, communication, and social science research. The department is strongly concern in human resource development to serve the social needs of the nation. 


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