International Undergraduate Course Stucture
Curriculum Total  125 credits 
General Basic Courses32           credits
·         Elementary Applied Mathematics 
·         Abridged Physics and Laboratory in Abridged Physics 
·         English 
·         Introduction to Economics 
·         Man and Society 
·         The Use of Library Resources 
·         Arts of Living 
·         Physical Education Activities 
Specialist Courses87  credits
·   Core Courses37  credits
o   Farm Engine and Farm Machinery 
o   Agricultural Extension and Technology Transfer 
o   Animal Science and Technology  
o   Crop Science and Technology 
o   Introduction to Entomology 
o   Soil Science 
o   Horticultural Science and Technology 
o   Introductory Plant Pathology 
o   General Botany 
o   Introductory Plant Physiology 
o   General Chemistry and Laboratory in General Chemistry 
o   Principle of Biology and Laboratory in Biology 
·   Compulsory Specific Courses33  credits
o  Agricultural Information Technology 
o  Animal Resources and Management 
o  Economic Crops and Laboratory in Economic Crops 
o  Principles of Weed Control 
o  Economic Insects Management 
o  Geographical Information System for Agriculture 
o  Food Sanitation 
o  Principles of Horticulture 
o  Principles of Plant Propagation 
o  Diseases of Economic Crops 
o  Soil Fertility 
·  Compulsory Elective Courses17  credits
o  General Practicum and Specific Practicum 
o  Co-operative Education Preparation Co-operative Education 
o  Principles of Farm Management 
o  Principles of Agricultural Marketing 
o  Introduction to Agribusiness 
o  Principles of Management 
Free Electives Units6    credits
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